Terms & Conditions

*​In some areas where the use of drones is prohibited such as near airfields or busy main roads, we may be required to capture your aerial video using our extended pole. You can use www.noflydrones.co.uk to check if the property falls within an airfields restricted airspace. Please get in touch if you are in any doubt about the location of your listing relative to busy main roads or multiple other properties.

Cancellations – Cancellations made ​within​ 3 hours of the appointment will incur a charge of £95 + VAT

Travel​ – There is no mileage charge for appointments within a ​30-mile​ radius of our studio (CV47 0FB)​. Any travel over the initial 30 miles is charged at ​0.45p​ per mile.

Invoices​ – We send all invoices at the end of each month and ask for payment within 30 days.

Turnaround​ – Video assets will be delivered within 3 working days of the appointment.

Amendments​ – As part of your video package we offer one round of amendments, we strongly advise sending all necessary lister/vendor amendments at the same time. This will ensure we deliver your video efficiently and on time. Re-opening projects and re-rendering edits is very time consuming and after a first round of amendments will incur a charge of ​£50 + VAT​ for each round, please note that further amendments will also delay delivery times.

Data – We do not keep original footage past 3 months of the filming date, we will only archive the edit that we have made.

Weather – Re-visits due to poor weather during the appointment will incur an additional £100+VAT + fuel charge.

By proceeding to the booking form you confirm that you have read the above terms and conditions.