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For 5 years, we at Infinite Pixel have been creating marketing videos for the property industry. With over 1000 videos filmed for a range of estate agents, we have continued to grow and expand with this dramatically evolving industry.

Agent recording voiceover clip
DJI Mavic Pro

We believe that video creation should come with efficiency, and our rapid team of superheroes will not only produce quality video quickly but will also deliver a range of varied material. This will enable you to release new assets over a period of time, keeping your audience engaged and excited. The social media universe is relentless in producing content that is quickly consumed, so having the ability to keep your audience interested is key!

Ty using the DJO Maveric Pro

Ty and Alex from Infinite Pixel went out to film a beautiful Jacobean property, based in the picturesque, historic town of Warwick. 


We arrived at the property at 10am to meet Jon Handford from Fine and Country. He’s been working with Grey Paul Maserati who had lent him a car to use in the video production (hand over the keys Jon)!

Ty went off round the property filming all the rooms using a Panasonic gh4 and Ronin S for stabilisation, whilst Alex set up the canon 5d and filmed Jon doing 7 feeder videos leading us into an 8th main property video.

We got some amazing shots of the property from the air using a DJI Mavic pro, meanwhile Alex was living it up in the Maserati with Jon, capturing footage of Warwicks most iconic and historic points that will later be mentioned in Jon’s voiceover

Back at the property we collected footage of Jon interacting with elements of the property, which we will later use for B Roll across all 8 videos. The photographer was due at 3pm meaning we didn’t clash while both working inside the property, great planning from Fine & Country.

From this filming session Jon now has a captivating and engaging social media promotional pack for this property, which will hit all social platforms once the property comes onto the market.

This social media pack includes the following:

– drone photos

– Drone video

– X1 property video long edit

– x1 20-30second teaser from the main edit

– X7 in depth property feeder videos

– all videos rendered for multiple platforms , IGTV, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram stories

If you don’t want to sacrifice quality or quantity on your video marketing, drop us an email or pick up the phone – we would love to hear from you!


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